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Railmeal provides a plethora of options for food in train

Travelling by train, in India, is very common. More than three-fourths of the population travel by train. Hence the popularity of the mode of transport is immense in the country. Indian Railways has been serving the people in the country for several years now. But the quality of food in the trains has undergone a sea of change. It has gone down and passengers complain about the stale food being served too. There are online portals which have come forth for the rescue of Indian train passengers. Hence the passengers can easily order food in train using the food portals which have been established specifically for the travellers in train.

How does the portal work?

The system is very simple. The passenger can log on to RailMeal and select the food cuisine which they want. The portal provides immense variety to the passengers. The order can be taken on board also. The passenger can order the food before boarding the train as well. The place of delivery has to be told online. The form will have all the details about the food cuisine, delivery date, delivery time, and delivery place. The order will be confirmed once the payment is made online.

The respective restaurant or eating joint, which is listed with the portal, will take the order and start processing it. They will pack the item and send it through the delivery channel to the station where it has to be delivered. The train where the food is to be delivered will be provided as input by the passenger and timely delivery will be ensured. Hence online food order in train is very simple and the customers are assured of fresh food.

Travelling can be fun when friends and family travel together. Even corporate people have to travel together for official purpose. Ordering food for the entire group will be very simple. Group food order in train is also a very simple process. Just upload the details of the food required and the quantity so that Railmeal can forward the requirement to the restaurant and do the needful.

Enjoying mouth-watering food with family, relatives, and friends on board is very exciting. Especially if the food quality is great and it is steaming hot. The passengers are assured of timely delivery. Delivery on time is very important. To support this requirement, the company has technology to track real time of the respective train and then the delivery can take place accordingly. If the train is delayed then the estimated time of arrival will be known through technology.

The portal can assure the prospects that order food in train is a very simple process. The passengers can relax while their food is on the way to reach the place/station of delivery of their choice. The portal has association with quality restaurants and eating joints across the country so that effective services are offered to the clients at affordable prices.

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